Jhpiego is an international, non-profit health organization affiliated with The Johns Hopkins University in USA
dedicated to improving the health of women and families. For over 40 years, Jhpiego has put evidence-based
health innovations into everyday practice to overcome barriers to high-quality health care for the world’s most vulnerable

Jhpiego has worked in Uganda for more than 30 years, beginning in the early 1980s with a project funded by
the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) to train faculty from Makerere University’s
Department of Obstetrics/Gynecology in reproductive health. In the late 1990s, Jhpiego focused on increasing
the capacity of the Ugandan nursing, midwifery, clinical officer and medical schools under the USAID-funded
Delivery of Improved Services for Health Project.


The Jhpiego president at Wakiso District headquarters

Jhpiego also helped establish the Regional Center for Quality
of Health Care in Uganda and has worked with large hospitals and Midwifery training institutions strengthening
health systems and supporting pre –service-training institutions. Jhpiego currently has presence in about 52
districts of Uganda, focused on maternal and child health, adolescent health, malaria prevention and care and
Family planning.

Legends Events on the Jhpiego President / CEO visit

Through Our Hospitality hatchback, we organized a catchy protocol series of events that inspected the travels, accommodation and well-situated meetings between the Jhpiego president and local governments in Mukono, Kampala and Wakiso.

While in Mukono, Dr Leslie will held a business meeting with the Mayor and Council of Mukono Municipality,
which has been collaborating with Jhpiego to scale up family planning services to the urban poor through the
Challenge Initiative Project (TCI).jhpiego president's visit to uganda

Second highlight of her visit is to officially open the reproductive health Unit at Wakiso Health Center IV. This
facility is undergoing a 72-hour makeover, a renovation that will elevate it to recommended national standards.
Consequently, this face-lift will provide a conducive and positive environment for service providers to work,
women to receive family planning services and Adolescents and youth to access Sexual Reproductive Health

The 72-Hour Makeover brings Jhpiego’s approach, a mental makeover as well as a physical makeover to the
facilities and communities. Stakeholders from the local government are invariably amazed at the transformation
that is achieved in three days and often wish to replicate the intervention.

Following the 72-hour clinic makeover, beneficiary communities led by the Quality Improvement Teams have an increased sense of responsibility and ownership of the facilities. The makeover also increases local governments’ commitment to
advancing cash and in-kind resources for FP interventions in the facilities.

About Dr. Leslie Mancuso

Dr. Leslie Mancuso is the President and CEO of Jhpiego. Her vision for the Jhpiego is rooted in the belief
that the organization must engage in programs that are sustainable, that is, programs that build on the capacity
of countries to create a well-prepared network of health care professionals and a strong health system that they
can build upon to care for themselves.

Dr. Mancuso oversees Jhpiego’s longstanding and extensive relationships with international agencies; foreign
governments and ministries of health; nursing, midwifery and medical schools; professional associations; and
nongovernmental organizations.

Dr. Mancuso has 25 years of experience in developing public and private partnerships with organizations and
is a recognized international business leader with a track record of success in bringing accountability to and
navigating changes in the international nonprofit sector.